Why lsass.exe is so important?

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lsass.exe is the process that is responsible for security policies enforcement in Microsoft Systems. When logging in, this process identifies the user and checks if he is valid or not. So, lsass.exe helps to prevent the access of unknown users and protects your personal information in this way. Besides, it also monitors password modifications done. Be sure that lsass.exe is a vital system process that should never be killed. This process is required for proper work of your PC.

However, there are some viruses that use lsass.exe process name to hide their own processes. Staying in the background unnoticed, they can easily be used for harmful actions, such as rogue anti-spyware distribution. So, if you see two or more lsass.exe processes running, you should definitely check your computer with anti-malware program and remove lsass.exe malicious processes.

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