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Spyware, also known as malicious software (malware), is an application that gathers information about users without their knowledge. These days most popular so called spyware programs are - Rogue antispyware products. They install, show fake alerts that your computer is infected with various viruses, and tries to convice user to purchase its Paid version. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following: The computer will slow down Your computer may crash or freeze You might get restricted access to the internet, or all pages will have additional ads, which will earn money fro the developer

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If you haven’t heard about WowMovix company yet, you should keep out from it as far as possible. This private entity creates various ‘useful’ tools for Chrome browser: search engines, movie watching applications, search plug-ins. However, beware that all WowMovix might be more malicious than useful since their programs are adware. Thus, if you were thinking of using its services, give it a second thought and remove WowMovi... read more »
It seems that cyber criminals enjoy the success of ransomware and, as a result, keep ‘manufacturing’ them to make the online world tremble with fear. Therefore, from time to time, new malware enters the spotlight. Consequently, .locky file extension virus is one of the recent sensations. Like its ‘brothers’, it also decrypts valuable personal data and requires a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. &nbs... read more » is a potentially dangerous file which is related to browser hijacker. This PUP has the ability to threaten your non-personally identifiable information and personal information. It can also annoy users to death by displaying distracting pop-ups. That is why we suggest removing before it lets the hijacker infect your operating system. Since browser hijacker h... read more » is a browser hijacker despite its looks to present itself as a legitimate search engine. In other words, it does its mischievous job by cramming your system with troublesome ads. The hijacker also redirects you to potentially dangerous websites. What is more, you may notice several unknown programs wandering on your computer. All in all, remove without a doubt. Firstly, why this application is malicious... read more »
ShopWithMe is a potentially unwanted application. It stuffs your browser with excessive advertising and redirects you to malevolent websites. Besides, your non-personally identifiable information can be misused and leaked to third parties. Considering the fact that it is adware and you will not receive any benefits from this application, remove ShopWithMe from your device. Most likely, you have encountered this application because y... read more »
While surfing on the Internet, you should watch out for various kinds of malicious programs seeking to infiltrate your computer. Pop Bubbles is one of such program as well. It is adware which streams your browser with a continuous flow of advertisements and redirect links. However, these might be just minor disturbances. The PUP collects your NPII (non-personally identifiable information) and might transfer it to scammers as well. If the id... read more »
If you have been searching for a useful virtual shopping assistant, beware that RedShiftPrices isn’t the right choice. This application is a PUP, which brings more harm than benefit. Instead of promoting realistic merchandise offers, the adware tries your patience with constant popping ads. Moreover, you might notice additional suspicious applications roaming around your system. Due to these highly bothersome effects, we do not recomm... read more »
If you have been suffering from redirect, you should know that it may end on a malicious website. That's because this search engine has been trying to increase its income by promoting third parties and their websites in exchange for special fees. However, there is no guarantee that these sites are harmless, so it would be safest to keep out of those links. In addition to this, this hijacker might try to insta... read more »
If you are a Russian-speaker, you might have come across Stay alert and do not install it since it is a browser hijacker. This program can seriously damage your system by bombarding your system with ads, redirect links. What's more, it can also attract highly malicious viruses into your system. Get acquainted with and possible methods to remove it. If you have reinstalled your previous operating syste... read more »
‘Powered by’ is a potentially unwanted program which sneakily slithers into your computer and stuffs your browser with a diverse bunch of ads and redirect links. If you do not want adware and more serious malware wandering on your system, remove ‘Powered by’ immediately. Since ‘Powered by’ is adware, get prepared for the attack of various advertisements popping in front of your browser. If you are... read more »
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