Urdu Nastaleeq Like font

Urdu misc fonts:

Rating: (3.25) 
Urdu Nastaleeq Like
Name: Urdu Nastaleeq Like
Category: Urdu misc fonts
Size: 30.87 KB
Downloaded: 10667 times
Status: Free download

Urdu Nastaleeq Like font presented at dedicated Urdu misc fonts category will help to improve the style and quality of your texts. Download Urdu Nastaleeq Like free or browse our list of other free or almost free fonts.
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User comments:
that's not work its not a urdu font
plz send me some urdu fonts nastaleeq noorine etc and urdu phonetic key board
hello Sir i wanna Ask that how will this Font Work.
I have Downloaded & install it as well But i wanna See it in my Pc for personal use At what Programe it will Use ?
Waiting for your answer....
plz reply must..
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