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Free virus removal
If you have come across, do not rush to install it since it is a potentially unwanted program. Therefore, it will continuously mislead you to suspicious third-party websites and cram your browser with annoying pop-ups. Thus, you should avoid this browser hijacker. In this article, you‘ll get introduced to this particular malware and the ways to remove it. If the malware alr read more »
Free White Screen virus removal
White Screen virus is a dangerous ransomware, which blocks computers down and shows a misleading message saying that user has a deal with FBI, Cheshire Police Authority, Department of Justice, Interpol, Ireland's Nationl Police or other governmental authority. This name is picked up according to victim's location, so you may be really convinced that you have been caught for law violations by your read more »
Free White Shark Virus removal
White Shark Virus is a rogue antispyware program that was created in order to gain easy money from ordinary computer users. The program infiltrates with a help of Trojan viruses and once inside it can easily distribute its components in the system. After the necessary changes are made in Windows Registry, White Shark Virus is able to do every single action that was planned by its creators. The pr read more »
Free Win 7 Antimalware removal
Win 7 Antimalware is one more fake application from the same family of rogue anti-spyware programs that are able to change the name according to the Operating System it chooses to infect. The application is distributed with a help of Trojans. As soon as it reached the system it uses malicious methods in order to swindle money of the user who owns the infected computer. Win 7 Antimalware firstly i read more »
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what is alg.exe?
File alg.exe is a part of an internal component of Microsoft Windows XP operating system. It is a part of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) system services and is used to provide support for several applications and system tools, which use ICS and ICF services. File alg.exe is located in the system folder ( read more »
Why lsass.exe is so important?
lsass.exe is the process that is responsible for security policies enforcement in Microsoft Systems. When logging in, this process identifies the user and checks if he is valid or not. So, lsass.exe helps to prevent the access of unknown users and protects your personal information in this way. Besides, it also monitors password modifications done. Be sure that lsass.exe is a vital system pro read more »

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