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Among the numerous ransomware viruses, there are a few exceptional which are worth mentioning. Cerber virus happens to be one of them. When it emerged a couple of months ago, it didn’t raise much interest since it was an ordinary ransomware encrypting personal files and demanding money in exchange for them. It did not differ much from other major viruses of this kind since it also employed RSA encryption key. However, recently, the vi... read more »
Recently, the Internet community has been shaken by several major ransomware attacks. It seems that Locky, CryptoWall were the main celebrities not long ago. However, now they are replaced by Cerber, CryptXXX, Ecovector and .xtbl viruses. Despite the odd title of the latter threat, you should not underestimate it. .xtbl is capable of encrypting files with an exquisite cryptographic tool. Moreover, it demands more than 500 dollars in exchang... read more »
Hohosearch virus (which is also known as Hoho search virus) is a browser hijacker, which redirects web browsers (Internet xplorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others) to hohosearch.com domain. You can download this potentially unwanted program yourself in a bundle with free software. To avoid this hijacker, it is crucial to observe the installation of any new software to the computer step-by-step. You should always read the Privacy P... read more »

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