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Welcome dear visitor! This is the right place for you. Free wallpapers with celebrities and newest cars, film stars and game heroes. We offer only the best stuff that you could ever find. And best of all it's all free. So take a deep breath and start browsing through hundreds of thousands free pics.
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The virtual community should arm up with caution and boost up cyber security. Menacing Locky virus recaptures the virtual stage by entering it as ODIN virus. Recently, the virus researchers have detected this newer version rummaging on the Internet. After acquiring its virus executable sample, the IT experts have realized that is the same Locky. Previously, it may have disguised under .zepto extension, but now the ransomware leaves his mark... read more »
Users, who encountered Trotux.com virus for the first time, may not suspect its potentially malignant origin. It operates as a browser hijacker. In other words, it tends to forcefully replace the current search engine and then apply its “filters.” With their help, the browsing tool displays more advertising content. You may also be directed to sponsored domains before accessing the wanted websites. These are the main properties ... read more »

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