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Welcome dear visitor! This is the right place for you. Free wallpapers with celebrities and newest cars, film stars and game heroes. We offer only the best stuff that you could ever find. And best of all it's all free. So take a deep breath and start browsing through hundreds of thousands free pics.
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Hohosearch virus is a browser hijacker, which redirects web browsers (Internet xplorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others) to hohosearch.com. You can download this potentially unwanted program yourself in a bundle with free software. To avoid this hijacker, it is crucial to observe the installation of any new software to the computer step-by-step. You should always read the Privacy Policy, End User's License Agreement and similar in... read more »
Can you remember delta-homes.com browser hijacker? This malicious search engine has been updated for several times, and there is no guarantee that its developers won't do the same in the nearest future. However, now it seems that we have another problem, which is called PieSearch.com virus. Similarly to Delta homes, this search engine looks like a normal search page, and you can be easily tricked into believing that you can use it f... read more »
Petya virus belongs to ransomware group of virtual threats. Ransomware targets to infect your computer and afterwards locates possibly important files and locks them out. The developers of this virus claim that you can access the files only after you make a financial transaction. Nonetheless, do not make any reckless actions. We discourage you from paying the money. Instead, think about fast Petya removal. Petya ransomware has some ... read more »

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