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Spyware, also known as malicious software (malware), is an application that gathers information about users without their knowledge. These days most popular so called spyware programs are - Rogue antispyware products. They install, show fake alerts that your computer is infected with various viruses, and tries to convice user to purchase its Paid version. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following: The computer will slow down Your computer may crash or freeze You might get restricted access to the internet, or all pages will have additional ads, which will earn money fro the developer

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Osiris ransomware happens to be the latest version of destructive Locky file-encrypting infection. Since the introduction of the previous installment – Odin virus – the developers decided to bring in some fresh changes. Besides shifting from Norse to Egyptian mythology, the new version contains other improvements. It is crucial to get acquainted with the newest version to avoid encountering this cyber misfortune. Osiris ... read more »
Thor virus happens to be another continuation of terrifying Locky virus. A couple of months ago after the release of original version, the file-encrypting malware struck again with .odin extension. While the cyber security professionals were working on new countermeasures, the developers presented the “brother” of Locky – .thor file extension... read more »
The virtual community should arm up with caution and boost up cyber security. Menacing Locky virus recaptures the virtual stage by entering it as ODIN virus. Recently, the virus researchers have detected this newer version rummaging on the Internet. After acquiring its virus executable sample, the IT experts have realized that is the same Locky. Previously, it may have disguised under .zepto extension, but now the ransomware leaves his mark... read more »
Users, who encountered virus for the first time, may not suspect its potentially malignant origin. It operates as a browser hijacker. In other words, it tends to forcefully replace the current search engine and then apply its “filters.” With their help, the browsing tool displays more advertising content. You may also be directed to sponsored domains before accessing the wanted websites. These are the main properties ... read more »
Among the numerous ransomware viruses, there are a few exceptional which are worth mentioning. Cerber virus happens to be one of them. When it emerged a couple of months ago, it didn’t raise much interest since it was an ordinary ransomware encrypting personal files and demanding money in exchange for them. It did not differ much from other major viruses of this kind since it also employed RSA encryption key. However, recently, the vi... read more »
Recently, the Internet community has been shaken by several major ransomware attacks. It seems that Locky, CryptoWall were the main celebrities not long ago. However, now they are replaced by Cerber, CryptXXX, Ecovector and .xtbl viruses. Despite the odd title of the latter threat, you should not underestimate it. .xtbl is capable of encrypting files with an exquisite cryptographic tool. Moreover, it demands more than 500 dollars in exchang... read more »
Hohosearch virus (which is also known as Hoho search virus) is a browser hijacker, which redirects web browsers (Internet xplorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others) to domain. You can download this potentially unwanted program yourself in a bundle with free software. To avoid this hijacker, it is crucial to observe the installation of any new software to the computer step-by-step. You should always read the Privacy P... read more »
Can you remember browser hijacker? This malicious search engine has been updated for several times, and there is no guarantee that its developers won't do the same in the nearest future. However, now it seems that we have another problem, which is called virus. Similarly to Delta homes, this search engine looks like a normal search page, and you can be easily tricked into believing that you can use it f... read more »
Petya virus belongs to ransomware group of virtual threats. Ransomware targets to infect your computer and afterwards locates possibly important files and locks them out. The developers of this virus claim that you can access the files only after you make a financial transaction. Nonetheless, do not make any reckless actions. We discourage you from paying the money. Instead, think about fast Petya removal. Petya ransomware has some ... read more »
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