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Spyware, also known as malicious software (malware), is an application that gathers information about users without their knowledge. These days most popular so called spyware programs are - Rogue antispyware products. They install, show fake alerts that your computer is infected with various viruses, and tries to convice user to purchase its Paid version. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following: The computer will slow down Your computer may crash or freeze You might get restricted access to the internet, or all pages will have additional ads, which will earn money fro the developer

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If you are still unaware of TeslaCrypt and why it causes shivers for most of the Internet users, we are here to inform you about it. This virus belongs to ransomware group. Thus, its primary goal is to encrypt personal files and demand a ransom for it. Therefore, if you have been infected with the virus, prepare to remove TeslaCrypt. This version of the ransomware was released by the hackers in 2015. It has mostly spread via infecte... read more » is a browser hijacker. Thus, you should avoid this potentially unwanted application. However, if you accidentally installed it, you might notice excessive advertising, modified search results, redirects to unknown websites. Thus, we recommend uninstalling the application right away. In this article, you will get acquainted with the main arguments why this search engine is classified as a hijacker and its elimination methods... read more »
If you have been searching for a new search engine, note that choosing isn’t the right choice. This browsing tool is a browser hijacker, which only provides corrupted search results and misleads you to irrelevant websites. Excessive advertising might be a prevalent feature as well. Therefore, you should remove This search engine is not recommended for users since it ... read more » is a browser hijacker. It might look like a search engine alternative, however, do not install it. In fact, the hijacker will not provide the advocated qualities, but it crams your system with intrusive pop-ups and redirect links instead. All in all, security experts do not recommend keeping this potentially unwanted program on your system. That is why you should remove from your com... read more » virus is a browser hijacker which aims to deceive you into downloading malicious programs. What is more, you might also notice the redirect issue. The hijacker points you to corrupted websites rather than to legitimate ones. You should also beware of the offers to download anti-malware applications delivered by this browser hijacker. Moreover, such software might cause significant damage to your system in the future. There... read more » is a browser hijacker. Therefore, it is programmed to redirect Internet users to shady websites and inject its irrelevant toolbars into the browsers. Furthermore, it won’t provide neither browsing speed you expect nor deliver relevant search results. Thus, you need to make a rush and remove if you have already installed it on your computer. Some users might have been deceived by hijacker's false claims to... read more »
If you have come across, do not rush to install it since it is a potentially unwanted program. Therefore, it will continuously mislead you to suspicious third-party websites and cram your browser with annoying pop-ups. Thus, you should avoid this browser hijacker. In this article, you‘ll get introduced to this particular malware and the ways to remove it. If the malware already resides on your system for a whi... read more » is a browser hijacker. Its primary mission is to hijack users’ computers, redirect to insecure websites and install additional toolbars and sponsored applications on your system. Therefore, we deliver some useful recommendations on confronting the hijacker. In case you still think of this PUP as a legitimate alternative, we’d like to dispel positive impressions of it. First of all, the hijacker provides ... read more »
If you have noticed First Freebies ads appearing on your regularly visited shopping websites, it might be one of the signs that this particular program has taken over your system. However, the problem is that this advertising application is neither legitimate nor useful. In fact, First Freebies is adware. Thus, its main purpose is to stuff your browser with irrelevant ads. Another danger is that it may redirect you to highly dangerous progr... read more » is a browser hijacker which attempts to replace your default search engine, homepage, and new tab URL. After it infiltrates your computer, it causes bothersome ads and redirect links to flood your browser. Additionally, if the hijacker resides too long on your system, you may notice irrelevant programs roaming around your system. Therefore, you should not hesitate to remove from your computer. One of the ... read more »
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