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Spyware, also known as malicious software (malware), is an application that gathers information about users without their knowledge. These days most popular so called spyware programs are - Rogue antispyware products. They install, show fake alerts that your computer is infected with various viruses, and tries to convice user to purchase its Paid version. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following: The computer will slow down Your computer may crash or freeze You might get restricted access to the internet, or all pages will have additional ads, which will earn money fro the developer

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Problem.437332391.js is a JavaScript file which is associated with recently rampaging Locky virus. This file is potentially dangerous since it can be an ominous sign that Locky is targeting your computer. As you know, Locky is a ransomware type virus encrypting users’ data and demanding a subtle amount of money in exchange for a decryption key. Millions of users have been attacked by the ransomware already, and since it has been in a ... read more »
While CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt, Locky viruses are roaming and threatening the virtual world, recently a new type of ransomware walked into spotlight – TorrentLocker virus. It functions in the same way as other ransomware type malware – encrypts personal data and requires a ransom. When this particular ransom invades the computer, it asks a user to visit certain Australian Bitcoin website to complete the payment, so some suspect th... read more »
Since Locky virus became a celebrity last month, it made quite a stir in the online world. Different and most controversial theories have arisen about the origins of the ransomware. Consequently, the virus has attracted all the attention of cyber security professionals, who are trying to come up with the most effective ways to confront it. In this article, we will present one of... read more »
This particular application might seem like a trustful app helping you to watch movie trailers, however, beware that it is adware. Therefore, the right thing you must do immediately is to remove TrailerWatch virus. Scammers work restlessly to create deceptive applications. At the first glance, TrailerWatch ads might seem like a useful tool. Nevertheless, it activates a vivid bunch of ads and redirect links. Needless to say, tho... read more »
Online shopping is a highly popular shopping method since it saves time and can be as much effective as slacking in a mall. Consequently, various applications are created to please users and to deliver them the best deals and ensure that their shopping online goes smoothly. However, there are countless adware type programs which stuff your browser with ads instead of helping you to conduct a successful purchase. Nicer Together virus is one ... read more »
In case you have encountered before, we inform you that is just another version of it. This potentially unwanted application is a browser hijacker -- get prepared for the vivid attack of bothering ads, redirect links, and other annoying consequences. Therefore, remove virus instantly. Once it slithers into your system, it will replace your homepage and new tab URL. It might also... read more »
Have you recently encountered If yes, do not fall into the trap thinking that it is another legitimate search engine alternative. In fact, this PUP is a browser hijacker. Usually, it loads your browser with a disturbing variety of ads and continuously redirects to suspicious websites. If such behaviour doesn’t seem attractive, remove virus from your device. After installing the applicat... read more »
Have you been looking for a browsing enhancement tool? Consequently, you might have run into Buzzdock. However, do not get too excited about finding an effective program. What you discovered is actually a browser hijacker, thus, remove from your device. This PUP can become quite a pain in the back since it crams you with irritating ads and redirect links. Visiting them should be a taboo since surfing there might ... read more »
Currently, IT security specialists are having a hard time battling with a recently ‘launched‘ Locky virus. Some speculate that the virus hijacks 90,000 devices a day. This ransomware type virus attacks Internet users worldwide. Therefore, international corporations and companies have been attacked as well. The most disturbing effect of Locky virus is that it encrypts users’ most precious documents. As a consequence, they c... read more »
For some users, DNS Unlocker virus might be unpleasantly familiar. It has been launched a while ago, and, since then, has been bothering its users with intrusive ads and redirects to unsafe websites. However, beware that the virus has been released again with several updated modifications. Those who are unfamiliar with DNS Unlocker virus may thing that this is a legitimate tool designed to unblock inaccessible websites and digital m... read more »
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