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Spyware, also known as malicious software (malware), is an application that gathers information about users without their knowledge. These days most popular so called spyware programs are - Rogue antispyware products. They install, show fake alerts that your computer is infected with various viruses, and tries to convice user to purchase its Paid version. If you have spyware on your computer, you may experience the following: The computer will slow down Your computer may crash or freeze You might get restricted access to the internet, or all pages will have additional ads, which will earn money fro the developer

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Facebook virus is a dangerous infection, which can easily attack every PC user who has an account on this social network. It spreads via misleading messages that are typically set to initiate curiosity in people and make them click on the malicious link. For example, you can be offered to watch a 'shocking' video, see your own, 'secret' photo, win an iPhone or other prize or simply be involved into similar trickery. As soon as you click on ... read more » can be called a misleading website and a bogus online search system. That’s because it returns forged search results that can easily redirect people to commercial websites or domains that promote malware, such as rogue anti-spywares or ransomwares. Besides, the same thing can happen if you click on a pop-up ad that appears when searching on the Internet. So, no matter that has no malicious code embedded into it, it c... read more » is a search engine, which causes a disastrous web-surfing routine or the user if it is used in his/hers daily routine. The main problem is that this website causes unwanted browser’s redirections to those sites that have nothing to do with trustworthiness and security. They promote various unwanted products or may even be used to spread malware. The License Agreement, which is on this site, clearly notifies that its ... read more »
White Screen virus is a dangerous ransomware, which blocks computers down and shows a misleading message saying that user has a deal with FBI, Cheshire Police Authority, Department of Justice, Interpol, Ireland's Nationl Police or other governmental authority. This name is picked up according to victim's location, so you may be really convinced that you have been caught for law violations by your local police. Besides, beware that this viru... read more » virus is one of these cyber infections that have been spreading around these days. No matter that its infiltration doesn't mean serious problems for you and your computer, this virus may reroute you to malicious site that spreads malware and other serious viruses. Besides, it may start showing various ads and notifications that are filled with unwanted pop-up ads and insecure links or may install unwanted toolbars and browser extens... read more »
Delta Search is a sneaky redirect virus, which incorporates several tricks that help it to promote its related website called It gets inside the system without any permission asked and additionally modifies some of its settings. Typically, it alters DNS settings and also changes homepage with the default search engine that is usually used by the PC owner. According to experts, this program is capable to t... read more »
EU Police virus is a dangerous ransomware, which displays a forged warning reporting about various illegal online activities. Be sure that it has nothing to do with the EU Police, Metropolitan Police, FBI or other governmental authority no matter how trustworthy it looks. While trying to fool its victims, EU Police virus starts its activity with computer's lock down. Additionally, it shows victim's IP address, ... read more »
Bundesamt für Polizei virus is something you must ignore. In fact, this is a German variant of ransomware virus, which keeps using different alerts for tricking its victims. It seeks to make people believe that they have a deal with a real governmental authority and that they need to pay a fine for their illegal online activities. Of course, this virus is mostly spread in Germany, but other people who use this language should also be a... read more »
System Repair virus is a cyber threat that seeks to make its victims believe in some made-up hard drive errors. For that, it displays annoying hard drive scanners and then shows its fake notifications that always report about the same problems detected. All this activity really disrupts the system, so you should never leave System Repair virus on your computer. Besides, ignore its alerts because they are misleading and have nothing in commo... read more »
Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue security software, which should never be purchased because that's the main thing expected by its creators. We can predict that it will 'scan' your computer for malware and then will report about numerous infections detected. However, the only real virus on your machine is the same Disk Antivirus Professional. You must stay away from this program and remove its trialware ASAP because it may slow your co... read more »
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